The Wind River Reservation, established in 1868, is home to the Shoshone and Arapaho people.  The Jesuits came to the reservation in 1884 and established St Stephens Indian Mission.  Since then, Franciscan sisters and sisters from several other religious orders, along with dedicated lay people, have worked together with priests and brothers in the development of the Mission.

Our staff help conduct a number of Mission-related programs.  They include home visits to the sick and elderly, youth activities, religious services at the three chapels scattered across the reservation, scholarships, alcoholic rehabilitation and counseling and many other programs.  St Stephens has long been a center of reservation life and today, we continue to try to meet the changing needs of these people.

St Stephens Indian Mission receives no government support, no allotted funding.  Thanks to the unselfish help of concerned individuals yourself, the Mission has been able to offer over a century of assistance to the Shoshone and Arapaho people on the Wind River Reservation.

From the outset, our policy has been to present an honest and dignified impression of the lives of the Native Americans, past and present.  We send no unwanted trinkets through the mail.  Our appeals are carried via THE WIND RIVER RENDEZVOUS, a quarterly publication which has earned plaudits from readers including government officials and educators to the Indian people themselves.  The Rendezvous is more than a simple fundraising newsletter.  Subjects vary per issue to include articles covering topics such as Indian culture, history, the beauty of nature, and the creatures that share the world around us.

Compiled by the Foundation staff, issues often include illustrations contributed from generous, nationally known professional artists.

Since there are many questions today about the credibility of charitable organizations, we would like to add that St Stephens Indian Mission Foundation employs no professional fundraisers.  The St Stephens Indian Mission Foundation is approved as a non-profit organization and publishes an annual audit which is available on request.

We are happy to do this because we are committed to a policy of accountability.  The monies donated are used to maintain the Mission, support its programs, and run the Foundation.